Issues Around Homelessness

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The WonByOne Campaign is our Prevention/ Intervention program among people living on the streets. This program runs from June until August of each year.

Children living on the streets of Cape Town

Demographics: We predominantly function within the Northern Suburbs in the Durbanville, Brackenfell and Kraaifontein area. Our services stretches as far as Bellville, Parow, Elsiesriver and Athlone at times.

To restore dignity among the most vulnerable people in the most desperate places and to empower people to live a dignified life away from the.

What we do

  • Establish a trust relationship with people living on the streets.

  • Assist people to re-integrate back with family, rehabilitation, shelters or whichever alternative is available

  • Conduct community awareness campaigns on how to give responsibly.

  • Serve on forums addressing issues around homelessness.

  • Follow up on people who committed to a life off the streets.

Re-integration: People need to be given the opportunity to make better and more informed decisions. They are then able to receive the assistance we offer. A life back with family, or specialised help through Rehab or Shelters.

Mediation: We very often find ourselves mediating or mending a broken relationship between parents and children. Children are not always accepted back home, and we strive to support that child as best as we can.

The youth bear the burden of unemployment. Programs such as the Passion Squad seek to provide our children and youth the opportunity to fight back against poverty and unemployment.
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