HewLin Compassion getting ready for 2021.

HewLin Compassion preparing for an exciting 2021 ahead of us.

Ten years later and we remain faithful to the calling of God upon our lives. The task ahead of us are so much greater than everything we faced until now. And while times and seasons change, our faith remains unshakable.

We declare that every leader/ volunteer/ partner. and every function/ service within HewLin Compassion will accomplish that which it is set out to do. That what God started, He is faithful to complete until the end. And so we commit all our plans unto the Lord. Our weak hands in His strong and mighty hand, as we release the power of God over absolutely everyone and everything that we would come in contact with.

All this, by Gods grace, and for His glory alone.

HewLin Compassion is open for business in 2021!

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