We aim to empower vulnerable people in the most desperate places.


Enforce principals that will enhance education, leadership and build developmental capacity amongst vulnerable people.


1. Acceptance
2. Community
3. Commitment
4. Empowerment
5. Excellence

About the founders...

Hewitt and Linzell de Jager are the co-founders of the organisation HewLin Compassion. Since 2011, the couple started to reach out to people living on the streets of Cape Town, and have since registered the NPO in 2013.

Today, by the Grace of God, they've established strong relationships with hundreds of people across the mother city! We are an NPO working with the aim of alleviating the hardships of vulnerble people in the most desperate places. This goal gets realised by sharing opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty and hunger. HewLin Compassion does this through partnering with humanitarian organisations, businesses, individuals and churches that are intent on doing Gods work among the impoverished and suffering.

We are activists, strategists, facilitators and advisers.

The team at HewLin Compassion NPO

Email: info@hewlincompassion.org.za

Phone: 002781-207-9485

Registered NPO: 122-503

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