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Performing Arts

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Our Performing Arts programme offers an opportunity to specialise in a performing arts discipline or related interdisciplinary areas. The programme aims to train youth to be a creative innovator and entrepreneur in the inter-artistic performing arts sector.


This HewLin Compassion Department provides a basis to the multi-disciplinary collaboration that serves the core of this programme. You will then select one of the discipline streams, either Dance (including a variety of dance styles and techniques), Theatre Arts or Music.

Besides your discipline specialisation youth will be empowered with a broad range of creative and artistic skills and abilities in the performing arts, such as community engagement and workplace productions. These skills will equip youth to contribute meaningfully to economic transformation through their creative entrepreneurial endeavors. The programme has practical, intellectual, and ​experience applications; and develops the possibilities for employment and independent work in the performing arts and inter-related fields.

All the skills you develop in this programme contribute to a career in performing arts that will meet your expectations and the expectations of the creative industry and society at large. When you graduate, you will apply your skills as a practitioner and an employer of diverse performing arts and artefacts, and as a professional practitioner, you will contribute to South Africa’s economy.

Our Vision: The aim is to create a platform for at-risk children and give them opportunities to express themselves through dance, theatre arts and music.

Mission: To establishing a presence in local communities where talented youth will be given the opportunity to receive tuition from skilled professionals.

Core Values: Excellence (Do everything that is important with excellence), Empowerment (Every Dream Matters).

Time schedule:

· Our team of facilitators do introductory workshops and community engagement programs throughout Cape Town.

· Programs are then set up based on the amount of interest from youth in those respective communities.

· Our once a week program are not limited to either indoor or outdoor facilities.


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