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The Grade 1 Foundation (G1F) aims to provide registered beneficiaries with the opportunity to access basic resources for their 6 or 7 year old child that will be starting Grade 1. These resources include school supplies and school clothes.

The first day of school is filled with excitement and great hope for many children who are beginning Grade 1, as this is their very first experience of school. Our main purpose at G1F is to offer our support and foster a 12-month partnership with parents or guardians to encourage a situation whereby children succeed in attaining the best possible result and setting the highest standard.


G1F will achieve its goal by:

  • enrolling one child per community, across 12 different communities.

  • provide school supplies and school clothes to children part of G1F

  • maintain a feedback system to monitor each G1F-child’s academic progress during that 12-month agreement.

G1F Launch 2022
G1F Launch 2022

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G1F Launch 2022
G1F Launch 2022

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G1F Launch 2022
G1F Launch 2022

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G1F Launch 2022
G1F Launch 2022

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The 2021


SUBMIT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AT info@hewlincompassion.org.za


  • Certified ID of parent or guardian

  • Copy of child’s birth certificate

  • Proof of address in the name of parent or guardian

  • Proof of child’s school registration

  • A headshot photo of child



  • Your child cannot qualify as a beneficiary if he/she is not registered with a no fee school already.

  • Completing the online registration does not guarantee your child’s enrolment into G1F.

  • This is a HewLin Compassion NPO initiative; therefore, no one can insist or demand that their child be enrolled.

  • Parents or guardians will have to avail themselves to meet with the team at G1F once their child is successfully enrolled. A date, time and venue will be pre-arranged.

  • G1F holds the right to terminate the partnership between G1F and parent/guardian at any time during its 12-month agreement.

  • The duration of this agreement will expire at the end of December.

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