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Involving local students in our service commitment with communities, can add great value to what our organization does and support us to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.


Vision: Establish a platform for local students to work/volunteer on various HewLin Compassion projects.


  • To expose our beneficiaries to a more diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge.

  • Build relationships within communities and contribute to supporting vulnerable people in desperate places.

  • By providing opportunities for social inclusion, skills development and potential routes to employment.

  • Improve the development and delivery of our projects or services by bringing in new opinions, ideas or approaches. This can help us to adapt, stay relevant to what our beneficiaries and community needs as well as identifying opportunities to improve what we do.

  • Deliver our service or projects in a more effective and efficient way which can help to save money and resources.

The expectation.

  • Students will accompany project leaders on community outreaches, street projects that deals with issues around homelessness, educational and developmental projects through our performing arts, music, young women empowerment and skills development projects. They will engage with people at Early Childhood Development centres, Shelters, Rehabs, families in their household setting, and communities at large.

  • Therefore, (a) be part of the planning and execution phase of services rendered, (b) assist in administrative work in preparing program content, (c) Assist with transporting goods to the sites where we render our services and (d) be involved in setting up and engaging with beneficiaries using the planned outlines.


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