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Be'LOved Project

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Be’loved Project is a social development platform that is led by and for young women who are negatively affected by the social ills in vulnerable communities. These women believe that any girl can be empowered and that all girls are priceless, creative, and smart and can be leaders in their communities.

Our Mission: Mission: We build in the streets, before building in the “Building.” To offer safe, respectful, free-of-judgment spaces for at-risk girls and vulnerable young women to recognise their goals, dreams and desires. To make them aware of what was already in them to begin with. The project is set to continue its efforts to campaign and create awareness around Period Poverty and Bullying.

This will be achieved by creating a safe space for young women that fell prey to the demise of their own communities and to encourage a healthy balance between, the power in US, instead of the power in ME.

Program Schedule Initiation Phase: February – April 2021 Planning/ Evaluation Phase: May and June 2021 Execution Phase: July and September 2021.


1. Go to the girls every Friday evening. Focus on a new community each month.

· FEB = one community

· MAR = one community

· APR = one community

· Wednesdays – Prep-meeting with roleplayers.

· Thursdays and Fridays – Package the CARE PACKS

· Fridays – Prepare and get ready for CONTACT TIME.

Build relationship with young women and their families.

We build relationships where expectations are clear, and where everyone involved develops a sense of trust in God and in one another. This will be achieved when we as a service provider follow through on commitments and do what we say we are going to do.

1. CONTACT TIME - Develop a strong interest in the lives of the women we meet. Share with them how much they are loved, forgiven and seen by Jesus.

2. CARE PACKS - Show acts of love and care through the distribution a) Hygiene packs,

b) Menstrual products, c) A snack and or a warm cooked meal, d) Letters from The Dear

Friend Trust, e) a Journal, Pen and, f) a Bible


1. Building a trust relationship leads others to believe that no matter what might go wrong, you intend to act in their best interests rather than from a personal motive.

2. Create an all-inclusive Be’Loved community that would welcome young women from all walks of life, where they feel loved, forgiven and seen. Build a strong ministry team.

3. Sponsorship for CARE PACKS

4. CONTACT TIME in the Initiation Phase will be from 7pm.

5. We need strong male figures to accompany the females as we teach and connect with the girls.

6. We need community partners that will sow into the girls’ lives in their mission field to be wiling to join us on the streets with the girls. If they cannot do that, they will not be able to reach them in a building.

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