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Our Community Safety Initiatives | April 2021


HewLin Compassion provides community safety initiatives to underserved children in vulnerable communities, especially when schools are not in session. While some schools run feeding schemes on a daily basis, many families with school-age children face “holiday hunger” because they lack adequate levels of health and safety services during the school holidays.

We are engaging with forward thinking individuals to collaborate with us during the school holiday week of 26-30 April 2021. Our programs cater for a minimum of 500 children per day, for 5 different communities over that 5-day period.


"We need to raise R 15,40 per child for 2500 children!"

Three of our 6 departments (Food Services, Performing Arts, Music Education) will manage this holiday club. We are in need of approx. 20 volunteers per day to assist with activities.   


This program is for underserved communities that are developing collaborative approaches to ensure that all of children have a solid foundation of safety and to build a comprehensive support system for children affected by violence at any age. We employ the following strategies in reaching our intended milestones:

  1. Build the capacity of youth, parents, and other family members to advocate for healthy communities for their children. 

  2. Educate the community on the impact of unsafe neighborhoods on children. 

  3. Provide training and technical assistance for service providers in early childhood development.

  4. Build partnerships and coalitions. 

  5. Change organizational practices to focus on health equity. 

  6. Change policy


Efforts are already underway in reform-minded communities to provide safe spaces for kids. They are expanding comprehensive youth safety, wellness, and health programs for children.


Communities that are good for children are not just good for children, they are good for everyone.

What to expect.

What to Expect

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PARTNER WITH US: As a registered NPO 122-503, PBO 930071514, HewLin Compassion can provide you with an Section 18A receipt or certificate. By collaborating with us, you will qualify for a tax deduction on your tax return for bona-fide donations in cash or kind. Make a meaningful contribution towards our Social Impact Initiatives.

BANK DETAILS: BANK: FNB, ACCOUNT NAME: HewLin Compassion, ACC TYPE: Cheque Account, acc no: 62745561135, BRANCH CODE: 250655. Snapscan Link – https://pos/ Snapscan Code 35n6FcXh

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