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About the Food Parcel Drive


Due to the lock-down, many families will see their income reduced or may not earn an income at all because they will not be allowed to leave their homes.


Organizations such as HewLin Compassion distribute food to families in impoverished communities. By donating food items or cash, you can support our organization and help increase the numbers they can reach during the lock-down.

Each food hamper includes dry foods with added vitamin enrichment, toilet paper, soap and mealie meal. This comes to a total of R350.00, with a target of reaching 245 households in our third phase. Each household consist of an average of 5-7 people.

Food Parcel Items include:

Maize Mealie Meal, Jam, Bread, Butter, Rice, Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Milk, Coffee, Tea, Cooking Oil, Spaghetti, Bath Soap, Toothpaste, Sunlight Dishwasher, Tin foods X 2, Biscuits, Cool drink, Toilet paper, Sanitary Towels.

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