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Kenya 2022 Mission

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Serve for 1 or 2 weeks in Kenya! HewLin Compassion's short term mission trips to Kenya connect groups and individuals to opportunities to serve with local ministries, communities and schools, build meaningful relationships with families, churches, and local community leaders, and discover what makes Africa special and unique.

If you're looking to serve, we're here to help make it a reality. Our next trip will take place on (02nd to 10th December - Week 1 and 10th December to 17th December 2022 - Week 2). You can decide whether you're going on a 1 or 2 week mission. The mission itinerary will be made available at a later stage.

We employ the following strategies in reaching our intended milestones:

  1. Build the capacity of vulnerable  people groups to advocate for healthy communities. 

  2. Empower communities on the impact of unsafe neighborhoods on children. 

  3. Provide training and technical assistance for service providers.

  4. Build partnerships and coalitions. 

  5. Effect organizational practices to focus on education, health and nutrition.

Efforts are already underway in Nairobi, Kenya to provide safe spaces for children, youth and women. 

You will need: (Amounts of some items will be different depending on which facility you use. 

1. Trip Deposit R1000 (non-refundable, payable on or before 12pm, 31 March 2022). Once your ticket is booked, your deposit will be used to pay for your Kenya-Covid Test. Refer to no.7 below.

2. Plane Ticket (approximately) R11500. Let's try and all use the same airline. 

3. South African Passport R400

4. Yellow fever vaccine/Yellow card (George) R450

5. Yellow fever vaccine/Yellow card (Cape Town) R700

6. Negative Covid-19 rapid test leaving SA R850

7. Negative Covid-19 rapid test leaving Kenya R900

8. UAE Visa application (for Dubai) R190

9. International Travelers Health Surveillance Form – Kenya (OR Code)  Free

10. Travelers Health Questionnaire – Exit screening from SA Free


Application turnaround time is +/- 3 weeks, therefore it is advisable to apply 2 months prior departure.


Yellow Fever vaccine

Compulsory yellow fever vaccine (+/-) 9-10 days prior departure.

This vaccine is only available at travel doctors.


Covid-19 rapid test

Compulsory Covid-19 rapid in South Africa test needs to be taken 48 hours prior departure where the test in Kenya can be taken 1 day before departure or return to SA.


UAE Visa application

Application needs to be completed at least 1-month prior departure, emailed with proof of payment and one color ID photo (e mail details is on the form)


International Travelers Health Surveillance Form (OR Code)

Form needs to be completed 1-day prior departure. Please save the OR code after completing the form.


Travelers Health Questionnaire – Exit screening from SA

Form to be completed 1 day prior to departure


Your Trip Coordinator,

Granville Munro

So, who's going!!

Please complete the form and let us know over which period you will go on this trip. Dates are from (02nd to 10th December - Week 1 and 10th December to 17th December 2022 - Week 2). R 1000 non-refundable deposit needed upfront. Payable on or before 31 March 2022.

Tel: 081 207 9485

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