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George CSI

26-30 JULY 2021

This Amazon funded project will allow HewLin Compassion to provides essential food relief services to underserved people in vulnerable communities. While some schools run feeding schemes on a daily basis, many families with school-age children face “holiday or weekend hunger” because they lack adequate levels of health and wellness services during the school holidays and weekends. We welcome volunteers to sign up and be part of this amazing initiative. 

You may choose to volunteer one or more days during that week. 

1. Rosemoor

26-30 July 2021

2. Other Areas (pending)

26-30 July 2021

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Our mandate to solve a human need started 10 years ago. Determined to be highly creative, meticulous, strategic and progressive we maximized Hewlin Compassion’s offerings to vulnerable communities.

The impetus that drives us to constantly expand, develop and pioneer strategic platforms like the HewLin Compassion- i) Food Services, ii) Women Empowerment initiatives, iii) Campaigns in support of people living on the street, iv) Community Engagement programs, v) Performing Arts, vi) Health and Fitness, vii) Skills Development, viii) Music Education and ix) a Volunteering Platform, for instance, is our heart for the vulnerable.





Volunteers get to prepare the cooking facility and food ingredients. They will undergo a crash course on safety in the kitchen.

Volunteers get to assist our chef in cooking and dishing food into meal containers. These meals will then be carefully packaged into our delivery vehicles.

Volunteers get to assist applying crowd control measures and covid-19 regulations with social distancing, temperature checks and sanitizing of hands. They will then hand our warm meals to all beneficiaries. 

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