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The Christmas Party 2018 - a huge success.

Every aspect of the event turned out above expectation as testimonies of tired bodies yet happy soles are still making the rounds. The host, 9Miles Project opened their hearts to all our children part of the Passion Squad and on 08 December 2018, from around 08h00 in the morning, we saw a beautiful story unfold. One to be remembered for the rest of our lives. The sheer determination to see a smile on each child’s face, and the relentless support from individuals, families, businesses and organisations, were evident from morning until afternoon.

Our team leaders prepared breakfast long before children arrived. And straight upon arrival, kids enjoyed a bowl of cereal, sandwiches with drinks, and some fruit. Nigel Savel (founder of the 9Miles Project) welcomed all the kids and encouraged them to have as much fun as they can possibly have. 9Miles Project students (also happened to be program facilitators on the day), handed each child and a few team leaders a swimsuit and surfboard.

From there on it was maximum fun with kids receiving surfing lessons, canoeing in the big tidal pool, loads of snacks in-between, and scrumptious lunch at 12, more snacks and swimming, a brand new t-shirt each, a bag full of lovely treats to take home, and a Christmas gift to prepare them for the new school year ahead – a School Backpack, filled with stationery. The same bus driver that fetched them in Wallacedene, came on time and dropped our children off safely back home at around 16h00. Thank You! 

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