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1 Title

Covid-19 Extension Package

The 5-Week Extension Package to provide much needed food relief to vulnerable communities.

2 Overview


In accordance with the President's 5-week Risk-Adjusted Strategy, HewLin Compassion NPO commits to extend its services with a further 5-Week Covid-19 Extended Relief Package.

3 What We Do

Included in this Package

Food Relief



ONE Food Parcel with the most basic essentials to be delivered to registered families.

ONE Extra bar of bath soap will be added to each Food Parcel, to create awareness around the importance of Hand Hygiene.

ONE Face Mask to be added to each Food Parcel for ONE Elderly person within the family.

These services are fully depends on availability of funds and human resources.

4 The Process


Sign-up and Register as a Beneficiary or Volunteer.

We source for sufficient funding and then buy the groceries.

We package and deliver Food Parcel on a door-to-door basis.

Kindly note that we are inundated with requests for food parcels at this moment and will attend to your request as soon as possible. This project is fully dependent on availability of funds and volunteers.Your patience in this regards is appreciated. 

5 The Sponsor

The purpose of the Froggies Family is to collect funds to help finance long-term projects carried out by local associations and / or structures for the benefit of disadvantaged children.

The Froggies Family have been instrumental in funding some of the most crucial campaigns and programs within HewLin Compassion for the past few years.


6 Important Info


1. The 5-week Extension Package includes ONE Community Outreach, and FOUR bulk Food Parcel Distributions across Cape Town

2. This Extension Package are funded to last until 31 May 2020.

3. Follow the necessary links and add yourself as a beneficiary or volunteer. You may submit details on behalf of someone else.

4. Beneficiary information is highly confidential and will not be distributed without your permission.

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