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Menu Disclaimer:

All our food is prepared in a kitchen where milk, egg, cheese and other known allergens maybe present. Our dish descriptions do not include all of the ingredients used to make the dish. Therefore, if you have a food allergy please speak to Management before ordering.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions or further information. Guests with special dietary requirements are welcome to contact us directly to discuss their needs.

Important Information:

1. If this is a once-off order, then payment should be made 7 Days before the event date.

2. If this is a recurring order, a monthly membership fee will be calculated based on the detail of your order.

3. Upon collection or delivery, you may need to present a storage container for collection or delivery of Breakfast meals and Lunch Type 1 meals. 

4. You may request for Lunch Type 2 meals to be dished into food containers (take away food containers). 

5. Collections will be done at our facility in Bellville, and deliveries will be done at an extra cost R4.00 per km. 

6. There will be no refunds if you fail to collect or claim your order. 

7. We need our kitchen equipment to be readily available for cooking purposes, therefore it is important to collect your order at the arranged time. 

8. This is a one-off registration process, meaning; you will have to place another order for a different meal type, or specify extra information in the Message section. Membership terms will be handled and documented differently.

9. The preview and items on our menu are for presentation purposes only. 

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