The Fitness Squad

Updated: Mar 1

This 10 month program is split into three categories and includes the Fitness Squad, the Community Compassion Program and the Passion Kids program.

The Fitness Squad Opener.


This program is designed to instill principles & values within the leaders of the Fitness Squad through the catalyst of Fitness.

They are essentially trained to become fitness instructors, but tasked with the responsibility of identifying physically talented children through our Passion Kids Program and training elderly members of their community through the Community Compassion Program.


Lead by myself & assisted by the Fitness Squad, we guide the community members of Bloekombos through a fun to do program that promotes the prevention of disease, improved mental health, decreased risk of falls, social engagement and improved cognitive function.


This program is designed to identify physically talented children within an impoverished community.

Once we identify the child we provide an opportunity for them to pursue a role in sports.

Benefits of joining the Adult Sessions Prevent Disease - Physical activity can help prevent many common diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Improved Mental Health - A stress reliever that leaves you feeling happy and satisfied. Decreased Risk of Falls - Exercise improves strength and flexibility, which also help improve balance and coordination. Social Engagement - Maintaining strong social ties is important to feel a sense of purpose and avoid feelings of loneliness or depression. Improved Cognitive Function - A lower risk of dementia for physically active individuals.
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