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Posting your resume online increases the chances of a recruiter or hiring manager finding you. While applying for jobs online is a strong start, your completed job application often only reaches the one hiring manager for that specific position.

Alternatively, when you post your resume online, multiple hiring managers may browse your resume as they search for potential applicants. Most companies have moved their hiring process online and search large databases on job websites for prospective candidates. As virtual networking and remote work become increasingly popular, posting your resume online helps employers contact you directly about job opportunities.

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Professional Summary

Write 2-4 short & energetic sentences to interest the reader! Mention your role, experience & most importantly - your biggest achievements, best qualities and skills.​

Employment History

Show your relevant experience (last few years). 


A varied education on your resume sums up the value that your learnings and background will bring to the job.


Choose 5 of the most important skills to show your talents. Make sure they match the keywords of the job listing if applying via an online system.

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