Dear Parents

We're creating this platform in order to accurately document your child's schedule for the new school week ahead. Please complete the form to the best of your knowledge, and do inform us of any changes in his or her schedule. Kindly note, as stipulated in the contract, that after hour services (after 5pm) will incur extra costs of R100 per day and will reflect on your next invoice. 


Weekly School Schedule

Thanks for submitting!

If your child uses both the morning and afternoon service, add both times in the same block, separated by a comma (,). Fill in one time slot if your child uses only the morning or only the afternoon service. If you child will not use the service for the entire day, please fill in NA for not applicable. If anything changes after you have submitted this form, please inform us on 084 801 1654. Complete a new form (after submitting) if you have more than one child using this service.