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The knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering. We all want to make a difference and many of us probably consider ourselves to be charitable people. At HewLin Compassion, we value generosity.

EDUCATION  Providing school supplies and school clothes for children going to Grade 1. Providing literacy programs to parents to assist their children with school work.
FOOD SERVICES    Reducing hunger and food waste - We rescue food, produce nutritious meals and distribute/ deliver perishable as well as non-perishable food to beneficiary organizations and households throughout the Western Cape Province..
EMPOWERMENT   This program is designed to help youth with necessary skills needed for either further education or entry-level employment. Also led by and for young women who are negatively affected by the social ills in vulnerable communities.
COMMUNITY SAFETY INITIATIVES    CSI to underserved children in vulnerable communities, especially when schools are not in session. Families with school-age children face “holiday hunger” because they lack adequate levels of health and safety services during the school holidays.

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PARTNER WITH US: As a registered NPO 122-503, PBO 930071514, HewLin Compassion can provide you with an Section 18A receipt or certificate. By collaborating with us, you will qualify for a tax deduction on your tax return for bona-fide donations in cash or kind. Make a meaningful contribution towards our Social Impact Initiatives.

​BANK DETAILS: BANK: FNB, ACCOUNT NAME: HewLin Compassion, ACC TYPE: Cheque Account, acc no: 62745561135, BRANCH CODE: 250655. Snapscan Link – https://pos/snapscan.io/ar/35n6FcXh Snapscan Code 35n6FcXh